Thursday, May 04, 2006

Green is the new orange

My visit to Glasgow was fun, the main highlight being meeting the fabulous High Camp Caress Morell, who I suspect knows even more than me about trash tv and film. He joins a very small group of bloggers that I have met. We went to a bar called Delmonicas and just like the previous week, I got talked to again. However, this time I decided to be friendly (even though I think he may have been on drugs, and he told me off for not recycling enough). High Camp Caress Morell is a vision of loveliness anyway - and unlike me, he's single - something to bear in mind if you are passsing through Glasgow.

At Christmas I bought a huge book of 1970s films (it is big on pictures and low on commentary), but I have been trying to find the ones I've haven't seen. The other week I saw The Last Picture Show, starring Cybill Shepherd. It's a rather muted film, set in a nowhere town, where the teenagers dream of getting out as soon as they can (reminded me a lot of my teenage years in that sense). Cybill plays the manipulative high school beauty who comes between the two heroes. The shameless bint takes her clothes off during a naked pool party and uses men for sex and to stave off boredom when she feels like it. I have a feeling that had I been straight, I would have ended up with someone who looked like Cybill (or rather, I would have liked to, but the reality probably would have looked more like Arabella Weir or Sara Gilbert (Darlene from the sitcom Roseanne). In 1988, I used to enjoy watching Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting, which was considered very ground-breaking with its knowing irony in those days when postmodernism was still fresh. I had a poster of Cybill on my bedroom. Then Bruce Willis took his shirt off in an episode and that put a stop to all that. Oh well.

The other 1970s film I watched recently was Badlands, starring Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen. Another weird film about wayward teens in the middle of nowhere. Sissy is a Bobbie Gentry song come to life. She's fab.


Dessie said...

Oh hush now, you could get Sybill. You cutie you.

Brucie, could still do me today and I wouldn't complain. Grrr!

matty said...

BADLANDS is brilliant. I think PAPERMOON is Peter B's best work. I am a major fan of 70's film! I think Robert Altman might end up the most important filmmaker of that era. NASHVILLE/3 WOMEN/McCABE & Mr. MILLER/A WEDDING all hold up so well -- and totally encapsulate an era of total confusion and freedom without meaning. DON'T LOOK NOW might be my other fave film of the 70's. I always find something new and lovely about it -- as horribly upsetting as it is. ...and, then, there is THE EXORCIST. ...and one should not discredit WHAT'S UP DOC? just because Babs is in it. is a great piece of film work.

Ah, the 70's films. CARRIE, NETWORK, DOG DAY AFTERNOON, CHINATOWN, WELCOME TO LA, INSERTS ...the list goes on and on. Great era for cinema.