Friday, April 21, 2006

She lit a cigarette, both hands behind her back

After reading the rave reviews of Nighty Night by Dessie (my wise-cracking Second Life best friend), I spent £19.99 on the DVD (as the lead character Jill would say - after forking around in your purse and taking £30 for it). I'm enjoying it a lot - particularly as the writers have used music and dance in various ways to comedic effect. One of my favourite scenes involves evil Jill's attempt to seduce her neighbour by wearing a red wig and fake balloon breasts. She emerges onto the screen in slow motion, dancing sluttishly to the strains of Imagination by Belouis Some. This song is gold-dust if you want to trick someone into having an affair with you.

I love this song so much that it is making me rethink my opinion of 1980s culture. Belouis also looks like the first boyfriend I ever had. I had an enormous quiff at the time, we must have looked like a right pair.


matty said...

I have been saying it for months -- NIGHTY NIGHT is the best TV show I've seen since AbFab. I just love it! ...and I am counting the minutes for Series 2 DVD to arrive to my doorstep! I ordered the other day from UK --- it is released on Monday!!! Yay!!!!

...Human Remains rocks as well!

Dessie said...

Wise cracking?

Didn't you mean sex-fiend and bringer-down of SLS&M bad boys? I think you did.