Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Note to self: never send emails late on Friday night

I saw an advert from Channel 4 asking for cohabiting gay couples to be filmed in their homes for a week. "Why don't you write to them," suggested my fella surprsingly, on Friday night. So, not really thinking much about it, I sent a quick email, describing us in overblown terms which made us sound like something out of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, but with PhDs. We thought it might be a laugh, and that as we are fairly normal and still very much in love after more than a decade so we could show the country that gay relationships can last the distance. I didn't expect to hear anything back.

Last night, Channel 4 wrote back, asking me to phone them.

It took about a minute for us to realise in horror that, like many people, 90% of our private lives would be so boring as to be unwatchable, and the other 10% would be so embarrassing as to be unshowable. Careful editing would translate a week of mundane living into 20 minutes of bitching, crazy and screaming camp performance. Or else, we'd be on our best behaviour and come across as the Gay Robot Couple like something out of Jane Austen.

In any case, I don't think we're ready for our close-up just yet.#

Garrett Living writes to say he found a mouse in his house. I've never found a mouse (we have a cat who keeps them away, although once every 5 years or so he brings one into the house). However, on Sunday we decided to clean all the leaves out of our garage. Someone had tried to break into it a few weeks ago, so we'd had to have the door repaired and new locks fitted. Anyway, as we were sweeping up we came across a used syringe (1) It looks like our garage has been the setting for scenes from an episode of The Bill. How lovely. And we live in a good postcode too. Just one more little reminder that I now live in a city and that homeless heroin addicts are never far away. I wish we had mice instead.


GayProf said...

which made us sound like something out of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, but with PhDs

Isn't that Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Rob7534 said...

Don't back out Lubin! Go for it, call the network and at least set-up an interview. I think everyone would love to see you and your fella at home, the boring times, the exiciting times!

Maybe you can talk them into sending you two on vacation somewhere!

Dessie said...

Oooh yeah go on Holiday Showdown!!

joe said...

oh you could just make your "boring" life interesting. make it all up! it would be fun.