Friday, March 10, 2006

Jodie Marsh's brother is selling her Big Brother suitcase on ebay for £1000. So far there have been no bids. But it's early days yet. Over in Marshworld there is an amusing rant about Chantelle (It's a shame that she turned out to be as cold and selfish as the rest of them and of course it's not nice to have to read that someone doesn't want to be your friend (especially after you've campaigned for them for two weeks and spent hours on the phone to their mum) but you know what? I'm over it.)

I am shocked to see that Jodie's rival Jordan is doing so well in the book charts. Jordan's book is at number 3 in Borders book charts at the moment (Jodie's book is nowhere in the charts, despite the fact that I bought it.) How can this be? True Jodie fans (like me) have a pathological disgust and fear of Jordan. We know, for example, that Jodie's breasts are real (like the title of her book "Keeping it Real"), whereas Jordan's are not. Still, Jodie is feuding with so many people right now, that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of them. And it doesn't help that ordinary members of the public keep having a go at her. Some young lads shouted abuse at her in the streets of Brentwood last Thursday (which makes me want to go to Brentwood even more). Jodie (doing her best impression of a conservative member of the House of Lords (one with particularly bushy eyebrows) wrote "It terrifies me that some of the youth of today are nothing but little yobs, who can't read and write properly, who can't even speak English properly and who stand in the street spitting, yelling at people, swearing and smoking. One of the hideous 11 year olds had a fag in his mouth that was bigger than him!!!"

Oh Jodie. Can't you see that we were destined to be best friends (for about 2 weeks before you get bored of me).


Betty said...

I recently read that Jodie 'n' Jordan are actually quite pally with each other, and all the bickering is done for publicity reasons. Nooo, surely not!

Lubin said...

There have now been 5 bids on the suitcase. I bet it's just her friends trying to stir up interest.

Lost Boy said...

Lubin, you're becoming obsessed with her, but it's easy to see why. She's like a train wreck that you just can't help but watch. Did you know that Jordan's New Year resolution was to never comment on Jodie Marsh ever again? She's been sticking to it too, as a couple of embarrassing TV interviews will testify. Jordan in 'no comment' shocker!