Saturday, March 11, 2006

Another day, another race.

The Amazing Race (TAR to its friends) is back on American tv again - I didn't watch the last season as they messed with the show's "Emmy Winning" format, and had teams of families - urrrgh. This season, they're back on top form, with 11 pairs representing a supposed cross-section of American society - Team Gay, Team Old, Team Black, Team Hippie, Team Deep South, Team Nerd etc. Team Gay were eliminated in episode one, and it was probably just as well. Camp is never fun when it's self-conscious, and the vision of Team Gay doing an impersonation of I Dream of Jeannie, was, as the French say, de trop.

Anyway, all is not lost because Team Fratboy are providing plenty of homoerotic speculation. Here is the official CBS picture of Team Fratboy.

And this picture (only vaguely safe for work) of them surfaced on the internet recently. No they're not holding hands, but they may as well be.

Eric (he's the one who needs hair plugs) and Jeremy, he's the one in the saggy blue underwear, are so butch and uber-heterosexual that they seem to be enacting their own personal Top Gun. Or Brokeback Mountain. The nipple rings have raised a few eybrows. And they talk about sex constantly, plying their charms on Team Pink (ladies who wear pink a lot). However, it all went a bit dubious when the boys ended up admiring the huge bulging bicips of Team Pink (which were bigger than their own).

And while everything they do is an exercise in trying to appear heterosexual, it just keeps going hilariously wrong, with the opposite results. Spying a couple of likely ladies from their taxi, Jeremy remarked: "Hey, there're prostitutes". Eric admired their backsides - all's going well so far. But ooops - the ladies of the night turned out to be guys. I get the impression that's happened to them before. And later on, Eric shouts encouragement: "Jeremy, you look amazing, buddy!" as his life-partner special friend abseils down a building. As they say, the squeaky wheel wants to get greased.

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matty said...

I'll take the one in need of hair plugs! sooooo cute!

I feel like a 14 year old girl again! ...this keeps happening to me.

Oh, and Babs in A STAR IS BORN is screening tomorrow night at the castro! I am so excited. not sure I will be able to sleep!

gay much?