Monday, February 13, 2006

I'll get you Pitstop

Stuck on a rainy Sunday with nothing much going on, I went to see teen-eye-candy-fodder Final Destination 3. Somehow I recall seeing the first two films, though not sure where or why - I think I saw number 2 in a hotel in Paris and liked it because of this...

Anyway, it passed the time. The premise in these films is that there is a huge disaster and everyone dies. Except some priggish teenager has a premonition of it all so she gets off the ride/plane/freeway, taking all her friends with her, just in time and they all cheat death. But death don't like to be cheated, so over the next few days, each of the chums dies in a freak accident - if you ever watched The Perils of Penelope Pitstop as a child, you'll like these films as death is as cunning as the Hooded Claw, devising the most complicated demises for the cute teens. However, whereas Penelope always escaped by using her powder compact to catch the sun and burn through the ropes that tied her, these kids aren't as lucky and their deaths are always very grizzly. They're also set in the "real world" of funfairs, tanning salons, weights rooms, subway stations and drive-thrus which most American teens can identify with - it's almost, but not quite kitchen-sink horror. However, you get the impression most of the fatal accidents could have been avoided if they weren't so shallow/vain/untidy/annoying. The whole film is like a huge advert for ROSPA. The camera focusses longingly on a firedoor that has been illegally and casually propped open and you know it's going to slam shut any second. It was all very cartoonish - and in fact, if you go and see the film, you can transpose every single character into a character from MTV's Daria without much trouble. There were also a couple of plot-holes (which even I got). And most sadly, the main hero wasn't this:

But this.

Oh well. Although the IMDB says he only 22, let's just say, it may be time to break out the Regaine.


Lost Boy said...

Ah, Michael Landes would probably be the only reason I'd see one of those movies; he was pretty much the only thing keeping me glued to 'Love Soup'. So very, very beautiful. I don't really need to go and see FD3 because the trailer appears to give away each and evry death scene.

Reluctant Nomad said...

I watched it yesterday.

I really enjoyed the first one, didn't see the second one and knew that they would stick to the same forumla but was still surprised by this version being so slavishly the same in plot as the first. I did , however, enjoy the sunbed scene.

Silly film but enjoyable nevertheless.

matty said...

I am thinking of seeing this tomorrow. ...for a bit of escape and mindless violence.