Sunday, January 08, 2006

A temporary peace

As part of a whole bundle of New Years Resolutions (most of which I won't bother with), I decided to go to one of the yoga classes at my gym. After all, I pay a huge membership fee and haven't bothered with any of the classes before. I have never been to yoga before, and have kind of lumped it with things like crystals, people who see auras, counselling, psychotherapy, meditation, people who wear coloured stripey socks, incense, interpreting dreams - the list is endless but it embodies a kind of feminine, mumbo-jumbo, woolly thinking, not based on proper science, belief system, that I usually mock (I'm such fun). So I wasn't expecting much.

The class turned out to be really hard though. Maybe it was because I was a beginner and like many tall people, have poor posture. There was a lot of stretching and bending into difficult positions. The teacher kept saying things like "imagine there is a rubber mask over your face and your eyes are floating towards your chest", which didn't exactly help. There were only 4 guys in the mainly female class and we were all pretty rubbish - the teacher kept having to come over to us and push various bits of us into the right position. How humiliating.

It lasted an hour, and by the end of it I was more than ready to go. And then something strange happened. For about 10 seconds at the end I felt incredibly peaceful and relaxed. Like NOTHING mattered at all. I tend to be somewhat of a worrier, pessimistic, very competitive, sensitive, unable to relax or enjoy being "in the moment". I think the only time I've ever felt like that was after surgery and doped up on strong pain killers. I suddenly got the point of yoga and thought "This feeling could get a bit addictive". Fortunately, then it went away and I was back to my usual Type A personality self.

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d_harvey said...

Good for you Mr. Lubin. I bet you also discovered that you had the best night's sleep EVER, that night. Am I right?