Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

You can keep today's Blooms, Pitts, Diesels and Timberlakes. For me, nothing beats Sean Connery. A former nude model, sailor, coffin polisher, milkman and 3rd in the 1953 Mr Universe contest, in his films Sean was often cast as an odd mixture of suave sophistication and animalistic instinct. In the Bond films for example, he's impeccably clad in a dinner-jacket but happy to kill given a second's notice. The producers cast him because they liked how such a big man could move so gracefully.

In the Hitchocock classic Marnie, he plays Mark - a classy hero - who wants to help psychologically disturbed Marnie - until his lust gets the better of him, and he rapes her, causing her to attempt suicide. In Zardoz, he's a leather-thonged, hairy barbaric killer, plaything of the Eternals, who experiment on him, trying to see what will give him an erection. But he learns to read in a matter of days and has a huge epiphany during The Wizard of Oz.

So what if he wore a toupee during many of his films, he was still being voted Sexiest Man Alive well into the 1990s. I'll be dusting off my early Bond DVDs over the Christmas period and watching them all over again. They may be silly (and sometimes the Austin Powers take-offs are almost directly lifted - more remake than parody), and unpolitically correct. But I love 'em.


Reluctant Nomad said...

Not only a sexy man who was being called the sexiest man alive in the 1990s but the men with the sexy voice that topped this year's BBC poll to find the nation's sexiest voice. Ok, not sexiest voice but the voice people liked best.

Unsurprisingly, Ian Paisley appeared as the voice liked least. The Queen appeared in the top ten as well as the bottom ten...I must dig the rest of the people out of my recently acquired Schott's Almanac....I love hinting for presents and getting them. :-)

matty said...

I really thought he was hot in Name of the Rose. I wonder if this means I've a monk fetish?

Reluctant Nomad said...

How intriguing! I just tried to access matt's profile and I'm barred because it 'contravenes company security blah blah'. But, I'm allowed to access mine and other blogger.com profiles.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Ok, I managed to find the list of 'sexiest' accents...have blogged them. Sean, as I knew, was tops.