Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am reading Queer London by Matt Houlbrouk. It paints a picture of London in the early parts of the 20th century which was awash with repression and blackmail, but also quite a lot of fun if you knew were to look for it (it all went on in the all-night steam rooms apparently where you could sally around with Rock Hudson if you got lucky) and didn't act too flamboyantly. There were three types of gay men back then - the screaming queens who wore make-up , flapped around in coloured scarves and were the ones who took most of the flak from society. Then there were the respectable middle-class gays (i.e. me) who got away with it because they smoked pipes and were straight-acting. And finally, the working-class barrow boys and guardsmen who were ultra-butch, didn't consider themselves as gay at all, were most likely married, but liked a bit of MSM action all the same. Are things that different now? I guess there are a few more variants.

Someone (you know who you are) sent me a very funny email recently about his mother's answer-phone message. My mother hates the answer-phone (we all do in our family, we've never really got used to it and leave messages full of awkward pauses, half-finished sentences and inarticulate grunts). She phoned me tonight to announce she'd learnt a new word at work. "Do you know it? It's "to moon someone". I was the only person in the office who'd never heard of it. Fancy that!" I guess if that's what a Methodist upbringing does for you then I'm all for it.

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matty said...

I think I fall into a mix of nerd/guppie/fag art junkie type. Is that one of the variants?

Rock Hudson. Oh, to dream.

That is so cute about your mom! ...My mother was the one running around the "honky-tonks" mooning the patrons. Oi! ...ah, yes, adventures from my poor southern white trash childhood. But no one can say it was dull! ...or, can they?