Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gentlemen's agreement

Me and my fella (soon to be civil partner) have a deal. I go and see all the sensible historical films that he likes, that have proper acting in them and whatnot, and he goes with me to see the ocassional Jennifer Aniston/Kirstin Dunst/Reese Witherspoon chick-flick or empty thriller. So the other week we saw the Johnny Depp movie The Libertine (where several heterosexual couples walked out in boredom/disgust? Probably boredom). And on Saturday he returned the favour and saw Flightplan starring Jodie Foster with me. We arrived on time, but Bristol cinemas seem to be full of people who arrive even more early than us and we had to sit in the front row, about 3cms from the giant screen. This made the experience very strange.

You can say what you like about Jodie Foster (someone once told me she had a "lesbian chin") but she does do being angry and driven everso well. It was a slight rehash of Panic Room (Jodie + daughter fighting evil conspiracy) with plenty of the old Hitchcock film The Lady Vanishes thrown in for good measure.

The film was like a panopoly of every modern fear wrapped into one. So we have 1) the fear that our children will be abducted. 2) The fear that a plane will crash 3) The fear of international terrorism. At one point in the film, about halfway through, I thought "We're all going to need counselling after this."

I also liked how this was a proper Jodie Foster vehicle. Just like Bette and Joan, Jodie no longer tends to work with big name lead actors, and instead gets paired with relative unknowns so that she and she alone gets the star billing - remember Peter Sarsgaard - the slightly lisping bisexual from Kinsey? He's back as an air marshall who may or may not be a baddie.

At least nobody walked out of my film anyway.

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Reluctant Nomad said...

But did your long-suffering fella enjoy it?

I was meant to see it two weekends ago but an excess of champagne the night before put an end to that plan. May yet get to go but all my friends have seen it already and I'm not that keen on going to the cinema on my own.