Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas is about vegging out, and I have been spending my mornings watching a never-ending stream of American sitcoms. I usually skip the ones set in the mid-west with families, but like the ones in LA or New York which tend to be bitchier and faster. Less Than Perfect is about a small town, slightly frowsy ingenue trying to eke out a life for herself in the world of media, among the backstabbing and catfighting. It's not very demanding and kind of sweet - with a little moral message at the end of each episode. And I am finding Will Sasso who plays Carl Monari to be alluring, which is not my usual type at all.

Am off to Marrakesh tomorrow - can't stand any more of the minus temperatures here.


matty said...

Oh, my God --- I had such a think for Will Sasso when he was on Mad TV! He is totally hot! Oh my God -- I just turned into an 8th grade girl! ...hate it when that happens!

Happy New Year!

PoetX said...

Happy New Year Lubin and to your partner too.

I hope you will both have a wonderful 2006 together and for many more years to come !!

PoetX ... Mark


tim said...

Happy New Year.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Not quite in time for new year but if you're in Morroco and not really checking up, it's not really an issue, so here goes: happy new year!