Thursday, December 08, 2005

Chessington's World of Adventure X 10,000.

I hope that Channels 4's Space Cadets is actually a double lie and that the seemingly clueless partcipants are actually all in on the act, with the joke being on the viewing audience who are gullible enough to believe that these people think they're going into space, when they're not. I mean, if you were the owner of a tv station, would you risk all that money for it to go wrong? Reality tv shows tend to leave very little to chance, preferring to control and edit "reality" so that they can obtain the narratives and money-shots they want. Even if it is true, there's something horrible about it - it's just another extension of Nasty TV where we are encouraged to laugh at the faults or incredulities of others. This makes us all feel superior, but in fact, the programme simply relies on the flaws and insecurities of its audience. As I've written before, Channel 4 is getting crueller and crueller - it's abandoned its 1980s mission to represent minorities and provide thought-provoking intellectual tv. I'm sure this all makes me sound reactionary - and I certainly won't start harping on about how people were nicer in the 1950s - because they clearly weren't. We just have a new form of nastiness - so rather than ingrained bigotry we now have a sneering lack of respect for everyone and everything.

Anyway, I hope that the "cadets" sue Channel 4 for millions when the horrible truth is revealed. Whether they are gullible or not is probably irrelevant. People will believe anything, especially if they want to. Whole religions are based on this. (Hey maybe Channel 4's next reality fake show can involve getting people to think they've died, gone to Heaven and met God.)

Even the fake psychic Shirley Ghostman managed to fool a number of eniment people into believing he was real. And I suspect that the raccuous laughter which will occur when viewing Space Cadets will be tinged with self-recognition.

Watching the programme, I kind of wished it was all true though - and people really were being sent into space. That would have been fun.


tim said...

if i sell the heaven/meeting god show. i am getting you a very big present.

i would watch that show.

kleverkloggs said...

Madam ex loves this program, though it seems a low-rent Celebrity Fit Farm to me so far. I cringed when Mr Vaughan raved about all the "unseen footage" on E4.