Monday, November 28, 2005

What's your worst Christmas song?

It's almost upon us and soon the shops will all be playing Christmas music. Not hymns any more, or even the kind of 50s Bing Cosby/Perry Como stuff, but anything from the 70s or onward. How many times in the next month will you hear Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone? Or Band Aid's Do They Know it's Christmas? Or Paul MacCartney's Wonderful Christmasstime? It's kind of sweet the first time you hear it, but by the end, I always hate those songs and can't wait to get out of the shops where they're played. What's your worst Christmas song? I think mine is probably the Slade one. The line "look to the future now it's only just begun" always makes me cringe. As does "Everybody's having fun." They should play it ironically over public health announcements that tell you to check up on elderly neighbours over Christmas, as they might have frozen to death or taken an overdose rather than face another Christmas alone. I'm all for inappropriate happy music played over horrible things. Looking at the post below this one, on those naked Royal Marines kicking the shit out of each other, I would love someone to add about a Cliff Richard soundtrack over the video footage: "Congratulations and Celebrations, When I tell everyone that you're in love with me." Or would that actually be oddly appropriate?


Trashbinder said...

I know you're a bit of a Cliff Richard fan, but his Christmas singles just make me want to reach for the nearest waste-paper bin and wretch up my twiglets, cheese footballs and bite-size Quorn sausages.

That Lord's Prayer single had to be the worst one so far. I gather that the planned duet with G4 has now been axed as the Chrimbo single. What a shame.

matty said...

For me it would be a toss up between the dogs barking out Jingle Bells or Stevie Nicks doing Silent Night with Robbie Neville providing the backing vocals. ...and I like both dogs and Stevie Nicks, but one must draw a line somewhere.

Reluctant Nomad said...

I know that I'm missing the point here, but I could never understand why Band Aid had a Christmas song for their theme - a large proportion of the starving masses they were raising money for were Muslim.

Oh, I've just realised, the song wasn't for them, it was for all the fat, rich Westerners! :-)

PoetX said...

I think I may be deemed as a little controversial with my choice but I want to rip my ears off when I hear The Pogues feat. Kirsty McColl 'Fairytale in NewYork' (I think that's what it's called).
It's not exactly seasonal but for some reason it's dredged up every christmas and a bunch of pissed up lager boys and girls have to screech it at the top of their voices.
I'm sorry but I came into my nice warm local pub to sip upon my glass of mulled wine and rest by the log fire, not listen to some toothless gypsy scum. Kirsty should have known better god rest her soul !!

Andrea said...

For a long time I was convinced Jona Louis was singing that he wanted to be a mole for Christmas. I loved this idea as it was how I felt too. I wanted to hide away. I was very disappointed when I found out what he was actually singing