Monday, November 28, 2005

What happened to you people? Lost spoilers (UK viewers only). Highlight to view

Season 2 of Lost is rapidly becoming The Ana Lucia Show. This snarling, feisty, glaring BITCH has kick-assed her way into everyone's bad books with her pistol-whipping, screaming island-rage antics. She is hugely unpopular on the Lost bulletin boards, with people complaining her acting range is limited and she's unlikeable. She also had a trigger-happy moment and killed off one of the major characters by mistake. I started off not liking her, but now I am an Ana Lucia fan. First, there's nothing wrong with being a bitch in my books. Also, the flashbacks have revealed she wasn't always such a bitch. But I guess if someone shoots you and you lose your baby and then your partner walks out on you, then it's not going to put you in the best of moods. Also, her time on the island so far has been pretty much a nightmare compared to the people in Season 1. A superb flashback episode "The other 44 days" detailed just how wrong things went for them. The "Others" decimated their number from 20-something down to only 5 (now 4?), including taking a couple of children (one of whom Ana Lucia saved from drowning on the first day and then promised she'd get her home). Ana Lucia also suffered the paranoid torment of not knowing who had infiltrated her group, getting it wrong and then finally figuring it all out and being attacked by him. She might be angry, but she's got good motivation.

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