Monday, November 21, 2005

This test on whether or not you know where it's appropriate to stand in various crowded and non-crowded urinals, is very funny (via Reluctant Nomad.) I only scored 20 out of 60, which is "piss" poor. Although I actually disagree with a lot of the "ideal answers" - for example, if someone is at one side of the urinal - say position 1, isn't it bad manners to stand right on the other side, miles away - at position 6. It's like inferring they have BO or something. Wouldn't it be better to stand at position 4 or 5, which is still far enough away, but not insulting? And are all the rules automatically reversed or void if you're gay? I think a proper statistical survey should be carried out.

I am loving living in Clifton/Bristol. Every day I find some new little restaurant or shop or cool street that I didn't know about. I'm 33 and this is my first experience of life in a city (as opposed to the slightly unreal feeling you get as a tourist). I don't know if I want to go back. The weekly commuting is still a bitch though - this is time #8.


Reluctant Nomad said...

Very valid comment about offending someone by their thinking you are put off by their non-existent B.O! :-)

PoetX said...

Well I managed 30 so not much better than yourself.

I do actually try to get in a stall everytime I use public toilets. I just feel it's unfair to make the rest of the users feel inadequate !! ;P

mike said...

If someone's at position 1, then standing at position 6 is making too big a deal about keeping your distance; it sort of implies that you have Issues, and obviously it's important not to betray the fact that you have Issues. So you move in a little bit and stand at #4 or #5 - just to show how fundamentally relaxed you are about the situation.