Friday, November 11, 2005

In remembrance, Phil Starr. 1932-2005.

Phil was a female impersonator who was well-known in the 1960s, performing at the famous Black Cap in north London, and part of a set of people who included Lee Sutton, Marc Flemying and Mrs Shufflewick - names that probably don't mean a lot to most people these days - but they were all stars of their day.

I interviewed Phil a few years ago, regarding some academic research I was doing, and he was amazingly helpful. He died last month, aged 73.


kleverkloggs said...

Oh no! I saw her a couple of years ago, and she sang a favourite song of mine "The Gypsy." She filled my local disaster of a g bar. R.I.P.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Oh, that is sad. I saw her often when I used to live in Brighton 5 years ago.

d_harvey said...

Poor old Phil.

He did a stellar turn on the drag version of The Weakest Link a year or two back. At one stage the waspish Anne Robinson demanded that he tell a joke, so Phil announced.....

"Alcohol killed my husband you know... He came home drunk one night so I shot the f***er dead!"

Everyone fell about laughing and even Mrs. Robinson smiled.