Monday, November 28, 2005

The first rule of Naked Royal Marine Fight Club is don't talk about Naked Royal Marine Fight Club

The video footage of Royal Marines, drunk, naked and fighting each other while other (naked) Royal Marines standing around watching them, some wearing St Trinians school uniforms, raises all sorts of questions. Why all the nakedness? This was supposed to be some sort of initiation designed to toughen the men up, but really - there's something rather homoerotic about the whole thing. I get the impression that there are more than a few repressed gay men with an S/M fetish in the Royal Marines, and its silly macho culture is the perfect breeding ground to let them create their own little Disneyland. I'm sure that more than a few people will view the video as porn, despite (or because of) the fact that it ends in such a violent way. Marines are Hot Property in any case, and the well-proportioned bodies on display are only the latest in a canon that acknowledges DH Lawrence and the Ancient Greek Games.

Or maybe these men had just watched Fight Club a few too many times, not realising that the whole point about the film was that the main character was INSANE. Either way, it's a horribly compelling window on a subculture that really needs a lot more policing than it is already getting. On a lighter note - maybe this could be a way for the Marines to make a bit of extra cash - I'm sure there'd be a market for these sorts of videos.


matty said...

Is that real or TRIGA porn?!?!?

Elaine said...

Knowing that you like all sorts of trash television, did you manage to catch 'The Queen's Sister' on Channel 4 last night?

It was wonderfully trash and portrayed Margaret as a drunken high-class strumpet, who was a total bitch to everyone. Especially her lovers.

I particularly loved the opening sequence, which stated 'some of the events portrayed are true, and some of them are not'

This gave total license to the production team to portray her exactly as they wanted to, because of the disclaimer.

Favourite scene was when Margaret made her way backstage into a drag queen's dressing room. Said drag act ended up open-mouthed in sheer disbelief that a real member of royalty was in his presence. He just stood there, dressing gown wide open, tackle on display and suddenly remembers to cover himself up.

Margaret exclaims "Oh my dear, I've seen a queen's jewels before"