Friday, October 14, 2005

No News is Good News?

Since I moved to Bristol I haven't been getting a regular newspaper. It's an odd feeling to be so out of touch with the world (before that I always got a daily newspaper delivered and just haven't got round to it yet). I do read the paper on the train, but I always feel now that when I discover a bit of news, like the recent Boy George cocaine scandale, it's somehow old and soiled, and I'm getting it after everyone else has read it and commented on it.

However,an anecdote puts this into perspective somewhat. A rather flamboyant old American chap who I know of was recently spotted by a middle-aged woman reading a newspaper, alone in a restaurant. The woman was a bit nosy and happened to notice that the newspaper he was reading was two weeks out of date. "Excuse me!" She told him. "That newspaper is two weeks old." The man looked at her. Then he looked at the newspaper and drawled loudly "News is news honey!" and continued reading.

Speaking of old news, I am watching (for the first time) old episodes of Big Brother 2 (America) at the moment. This series went out in 2001 (one of the contestants is subsequently called to the Diary room and is told one of her relatives is missing in the World Trade Centre bombings). There was also a scandal in the first week when one contestant put a knife to another's throat and had to be kicked out (he was actually romancing her at the time). My favourite contestnat is Nicole - she wears black a lot, has a deep voice, is often angry and is very high maintenance. She's frightened of going in the hot tub (because of the germs) and likes to work out her repressed rage by indulging in a huge OCD cleaning orgy and then complaining about having to do all the housework. Naturally, she was dead cert to go in week 1, and naturally, somehow survived. I heart her.

Another contestant is called Hardy. In 2001, I think a lot of people hearted Hardy, but for very different reasons.

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