Monday, October 03, 2005

I've got your number

I am reading, or rather, flicking through The Many Faces of Men which claims there are 27 types of modern men and then lists them all. I was all prepared to be a bit snooty about this book (which seemed like an extended article for the tabloid section of a broadsheet newspaper), but then I read a few of the types and instantly spotted myself and my fella. He's a total "Alpha Male" - whizzing up the corporate ladder, has a PA to arrange all his meetings, gets up early and arrives home late, always in a suit, rather well-off. The book described him perfectly. I, on the other hand am "Achilles" - on the surface appearing very confident and charming, but with a hidden flaw (or ten). How annoying!


Dave said...

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Caress said...

I had no idea you had hair problems Lubin??!!

Personally i like a bit of hair on my men although gorillas in the mist is going too far!

Spam comments are god's way of annoying bloggers!

matty said...

I detest these spam bloggers -- the alpha id thing has saved me from them --- for now, anyway. I guess it didn't spare you, tho. UGH!

I need to find this book and see who I am!