Thursday, October 13, 2005

Do You Watch Lost?

I went into WH Smiths to buy a pen (in order to leave a polite note on a car who had parked in my parking space - count the number of middle-class and suburban things in that sentence!) Anyway, the shop assistant was a young lad with blonde highlights who looked even more bored than they usually do. He said to the customer in front of me "Do you watch Lost?" in a monotone? She said she did, kind of, and they had a little conversation about it. I gathered he was a fan as he started talking about how he gets to see the extra episodes on E4. I also noticed that he had written LATE on his knuckles (just like the little blonde Hobbit character in Lost), which is really taking things a little far. When it was my turn he also said "Do you watch Lost?" (I get the impression he was asking every customer). So I said "Yes, I have the whole first series on DVD from Canada." You should have seen him spring to life. He literally screamed "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" and flung his arms up in the air. At this point I thought I'd better leave, so I grabbed my change and ran. He was shouting stuff after me, but I was long gone by then.

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Trashbinder said...

I have a colleague at work, whose sole mission, it seems, is to ask as many people if they intend to watch, or are watching the latest US import on Channel 4.

When Desperate Housewives was about to air, we had the whole 'This looks fantastic, I am so going to watch it', followed by a scene by scene breakdown the next day.

She had to be the first to watch and the first to offer predictions on the storylines. I can still remember her analysis of 'Six Feet Under' to this day:

"This won't run beyond two seasons, because you can't keep writing about death before it becomes tired or recycles itself"

When Season Five started on E4, she was reminded of her previous comments and said "Oh, that's so passe, who watches that these days?"

Anyway, I digress. After asking the usual suspects about 'Desperate Housewives', she then asked me if I followed the series. I replied that a friend had recorded the entire first season in the US and posted the DVDRs to me, and that I had watched the entire season over a weekend.

Colleague was not amused and advised me that "normal people with families don't have that sort of time to waste" and that she "wasn't the sort of person" that would fast-track through a show.

I gather she was more annoyed by the fact that her comments to me didn't get passed to anyone else in the office, and that she had pre-empted some sort of emotional response that would result in me dissing her to my immediate co-workers.

Office life is amusing. But not as amusing as people in general.