Friday, September 23, 2005

Regular readers of this site will know how much I love run-down seaside towns, and one of my favourite places nearby where I lived was Morecambe. Moving down to Bristol, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get my seaside fix anymore, but the other night I went to Weston Super Mare, and all is well again. WSM was a bit closed when I arrived, but I had a nice walk along the seafront, got a bag of chips, and looked in on all the lobbies of the seafront hotels, where various lounge acts were performing 80s hits to over-excited pensioners (some whom were trying to dance). I didn't hear one song that occurred after 1985, anywhere I went.


I have experienced an aspect of city life that I was expecting but not looking forward to. My new gym is very expensive and somewhat swanky. Yesterday though, someone broke into my locker using various tools to force it open and stole my wallet. I immediately went to the front desk to use the phone to cancel all my credit cards. Unfortunately, the thieves had had a little spending spree at Comet, running up a bill of £1000 on my Amex. Fortunately though, I won't have to pay, so it's more inconvenient and annoying than anything else. I did have £60 in the wallet too, and will have to pay another £20 for a new driving licence and another £20 or so for a new wallet. Still, it gave me a chance to play Jessica Fletcher - I'm pretty sure I saw the thieves, these two guys were hanging round the changing room, taking ages to get changed - they were the only two people in the changing room - it was a very quiet time of day, one of them probably kept a look-out while the other broke open the locker. I later noticed that the fire door had been opened, so that's probably where they made a quick exit. I guess


We finally got connected to Cable tv yesterday, so I don't have to cope with a diet of bad terrestrial telly any more. During this week I hadn't realised how much crap reality tv BBC, ITV and Channel 4 put out during prime-time. I just hope that by the time I'm a pensioner, low-brow entertainment is a bit less soporific. I bought a very large mirror to hang above the fireplace today - when it got delivered, I noticed that it was slightly scratched in a couple of places. I've debated whether to phone up and get another one delivered, but it seems like a lot of hassle for something that's barely noticeable - at least every time I see those scratches I can tell myself I'm not that neurotic and perfectionist! (With that said, living in a house which has had dozens of less-than-careful previous owners is slowly driving me mad!)


Jay said...

I've spent far too much of my life in W-S-M, mostly thanks to the fact I have a lot of family that live there. My sincere agologies what you had to spend any time at all there...

Lost Boy said...

Change the mirror! It'd drive me nuts.

matty said...

Oh, that sucks about your wallet! Glad it worked out!

I love that picture!