Thursday, September 15, 2005

Moving is stressful

I have moved to Bristol and am now esconsed (sp?) in 1/10 of a huge mansion somewhere in the Clifton area. The move day was somewhat stressful, considering that the money transfer happened very late in the day - at 4:30, and we were stuck outside the flat with the removal men for 2 hours, waiting for the money to go through so the keys could be released to us. We were seriously considering sending it all back up the M6 and wondering how we'd smuggle our cat into a hotel room for the night.

I am near a zoo (the one which Johnny Morris used to present Animal Magic from in the 1970s and 1980s) and a Catholic Cathedral so there you go. Clifton is very posh. People here look well-fed (but not fat) and every other shop is a beauty boutique. The in word here seems to be "alrighty" which I've never heard anyone say before, and it's kind of sweet. The last two places I lived in were brand new. This, on the other hand has had hundreds of previous owners and is in a bit of a state - chipped paintwork, dozens of different phone points, other people's taste mistakes and a horrible smell coming from the bathroom sink (I've poured a ton of bleach down there and it still won't go away). The previous occupant wasn't too keen on hoovering either (and I know how OCD and high-maintenance bitch that makes me sound).

At present we don't have a fridge, so have been eating out at different restaurants every night, which is nice, but makes me feel like I'm on holiday. Tonight, it kind of hit me that this is now where I live and I don't know anyone here except for my fella who's with me, and moreover, I kind of don't want to see any more new people or go out and make new friends. I'm craving familiarity and it's in short shrift.

Perhaps it's obvious, I have never lived in a proper city before (only small towns), so that is a bit shocking as well. Our new neighbours told us "Oh we hardly ever get broken into, except for last week when someone tried to take the putty out of the windows, but that's the first time anyone's done that in ages!" We were like "Whaaaaaaaat?" Fortunately there are about 50 locked doors before you can get to our flat. In fact, there are so many keys needed that yesterday we forgot one of them and locked ourselves out all day. That was a lot of fun.

On the up side, the amenities of city living are wonderful. It seems that everything you want can be gotten within 5 minutes. I am painfully aware of how much a country mouse I am - I wonder how much mileage you can get out of that though before it gets wearing? Another couple of days maybe?


Nixon said...

Try pouring washing powder down the sink. I used it in halls of residence one time when the previous occupant had used it as a lavatory. Works like magic!

more importantly: how does Weston-super-Mare compare to Morecambe?

lola said...

What's happened to Jamie? Has he gone with you?

Mr Kenneth said...

You will also find that should you choose to use the buses, a phrase that comes in handy when alighting from the vehicle is, "Cheers Droive".

Reluctant Nomad said...

I'm envious! You get to go to live in Bristol and I land up going to Northampton. I had an interview in Bristol but nothing came of it and another could have been set up on Friday after I'd already agreed to go to Northampton.