Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rough Trade

I am watching the muscial "Oliver", which reminds me to write the first in an occasional series of "Men I have had inexplicably had crushes on." There's something nasty about Oliver Reed - he's not a pretty-boy actor, but is thick-set and brutish, but from a very early age, I always liked watching him in films, particularly those from the late 60s and 70s. Despite being a big butch omee, there are so many camp Ollie moments to choose from. Who can forget his fireside naked wrestling scene with Alan Bates in Women in Love for example? Or his seduction of Elke Sommer (either of them might be the murderer) in Agatha Christie's "And then there were none". Or married to Ann Margaret in the glitzy surreal rock-opera Tommy "You didn't see it! You didn't hear it". Or sharing a haunted house with Karen Black AND Bette Davis in Burnt Offerings. And how did he die? Of a heart attack after drinking three bottles of rum and beating five sailors at arm-wrestling. Was there ever a more homoerotic demise?

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matty said...

Oh my God! Oliver Reed!!!! He was so damn hot in his day. ...I know we are not supposed to find it "erotic" or "hot" --- but when he threatened Carol Linley by biting her ear lope in THE SHUTTERED ROOM --- well, it gave me gooose bumps!

Did you check out the xtra features on the TOMMY DVD where they discuss O and K Moon's "friendship" on the set?!?!? LOL! Hmmmmm...