Saturday, July 09, 2005

I have been in Cornwall all week darlings, walking along beaches, doing Sudoko puzzles (I'm shamefully addicted - I'm turning into Carol Vooderman) and watching DVDs of the Golden Girls. I didn't hear about the bombings until very late into Thursday afternoon. I was very proud of the way that people have reacted to the bombings. The British stiff upper lip is a force to be reckoned with. I for one can't wait for my next trip to London so I can go on the London Underground. And I'm feeling very "Westernised" at the moment, so I think I might look at some gay porn, read some feminist poetry, access an atheist website and perhaps listen to some gangsta rap. All at the same time even.


PoetX said...

Damn you Lubin! I'm off to Cornwall today for a week culminating in my best friends wedding this Saturday. I could have brought you along as my faux boyfriend and scared all of the brides family. Very insular/narrow minded family. I'm going to have to think of something else to freak them out with now!! xxx

Lost Boy said...

All this stiff upper lip business is getting on my nerves. I was there when the bus blew up and believe me, there was no sign of stiff upper lip. It was mass panic. Whenever I watch the news, it's almost as if they're saying 'Come along now, buck up, what's wrong with you? Back on the tube you go.' Well, I'm still scared, but woe betide if I dare admit it out loud.