Saturday, July 23, 2005

Corrie's Trashcilla is probably one of the funniest comedy characters ever created. Recent adventures have included installing a sunbed in her living room (and spending 8+ hours a DAY on it), as well as her feud with the non-English speaking boss of the fish and chip shop where she works. Permanently hard-up, her latest scam involves stealing a neighbour's mobility cart in order to go shop-lifting in Selfridges. While the store muzak plays In the Halls of the Gobin King, Cilla and her stooge stuff padded bras and other "items" in the motorised wheelchair, and manage to outwit the elderly store detective. However, Corrie being the MORAL show that it is, all acts of outrage and evil will be punished in a Karmic-esque way. The rules are that a small amount of wrongdoing will instantly be punished (usually with comedic overtones), while greater evil takes longer to get resolved (but generally results in the perpertrator dying in spectacular circumstances. As Cilla only engages in petty acts of mischief, the only come-uppance we can expect for her is perhaps an ABSO. Hopefully. Last night's episode climaxed with the mobility cart going hilariously out of control and her ending up in the Manchester Ship Canal. Her cartoon-like thwarted expression said it all.

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