Friday, June 24, 2005

Simply shocking!

Readers, I am in shock. The American Family Association have published an article drawing our attention to the fact that Kraft are sponsering the Gay Games (!) in Chicago, and have refused to cancel their sponsership, despite the fact that the games are, well, gay.

Sorry, I just fainted there in shock. Fortunately, the AFF have "acquired photos taken at the last gay games" and have published them on their website with the warning "These photos are very offensive and are provided only as proof of what we are saying."

I'm republishing the pictures below. Warning. You may actually die of shock when viewing them, they are so outrageous. So steel yourselves. Sit down. Have the smelling salts at hand. Or a stiff cup of tea.


Here we go.

Turn back now if you are easily offended.

This is your last warning.

Oh my days! I don't know what I'm most outraged at. The sight of men's bottoms. Or the fact one of those gays has his arm around the other. Now I have an unwanted erection. And it's all the fault of Kraft and the Gay Games. I think.

I can't see what's wrong with this. At least the older lady in the cheerful frock is trying to hide the shame of that young he-jezabel. But wait. Is that her real hair? Is she (no!!!!) a drag queen? Someone, dial 999. I'm having an attack.

Mary, Jesus and Joseph! Horny boy? What does it mean? And looking closely with my magnifying glass, I'm sure I can see the ouline of a penis. Disgusting.

Well, you were warned. If you just died, it's your own fault. If you didn't die, well, over at the AFF there's a little form email you can fill in, supporting their cause. Of course, if you wanted to delete their nonsensical suggested wording and replace it with something a bit more sane, then be my guest.


comatose said...

I notice the pics are from - he's a professional disco bunny and torso for hire in anything gay-related (from what I can tell anyway). I wonder if he knows his property is being stolen by fanatics? Maybe he should demand they stop using his photos

Trashbinder said...

Interestingly enough, you can edit the predetermined complaint text that the AFF ask you to send to Kraft.

I did so, replacing the negatives into positives and thanked Kraft for their sponsorship.

Trouble is, these organisations like AFF encourage their drones to bombard companies with thousands of complaint messages, whereas apathy seems to reign amongst most gay men that I know.

It is truly bizarre how they 'big up' the 'shocking' images of homosexual activity to the extent that they're underwhelming.

Extremist Christians are an odd bunch. I think it's all about increasing their self worth by having a portion of the community to constantly rebuke. Sad.

Sangroncito said...

Kraft single cheese slices made me gay.