Sunday, June 05, 2005

My fella recently got a new job (he is a director of something or other) so it looks like we will be moving to Bristol where his offices will be. I've lived in Lancaster for 13 years and despite it being a bit boring at times, it's at least familiar and the part where I live is pretty stunning. Bristol is a bigger city (apparently the 8th largest in the UK), with slightly better weather. We spent the weekend apartment hunting which is interesting (if you like commenting on other people's tastes and inability to tidy up after themselves) but also a bit wearing - we walked everywhere and at one point got lost in the rain in some parkland.

We looked at 10 places and didn't like any of them. Your money doesn't seem to stretch as far in the south (a dingy flat in a basement smelling of damp and near a massage parlour called Va Va Voom goes for circa £300,000). The area where we're looking is full of posh people (graffiti in the toilets of a coffee shop said "You are all middle class wankers!"). It is also very over-crowded - cars line every available street and everyone seems adept at parallel-parking with an inch of space free either side of their car. I have never mastered parallel-parking and avoid it as much as possible (whenever I try to do it, some old man starts watching me with scornful interest). So an (easy) parking space is going to be a necessity.


PoetX said...

The area around Lancaster is stunning. I used to live just up the road in a small town called Grange-over-Sands and the countryside is really relaxing. It's a shame that you have to move! And the prices !!!!!
Well I hope you had luck in finding something suitable and affordable !
All the best xxx

Mr Kenneth said...

You'll love Bristol. I lived there for 5 years before being lured away by the unkept promises of London. It's a great city.

Bristol has most of London's cosmopolitanism (well it'll certainly knock Tory Lancaster into a cocked hat anyway!) without London's unfriendly anonymity.

As you say, the weather is probably better. It tends to be Sunnier and warmer than the North West, where I'm from, but perhaps a little more rainy than London.

Good luck in finding a place. If it's all too epensive try South of the river!

Nixon said...

How exciting! Best of luck with your new job xx. And just wait until you encounter the tramps in Bristol. They're just sorude and pushy!

mike said...

I was in Bristol over the weekend as well, staying just west of it in a sweet little place - neither village nor suburb - called Long Ashton. Sort of shabby-genteel, plenty of character, with a good "community" feel to it (so I was told). And you're quite right about the parking...