Monday, June 27, 2005

Jet-lag caught up with me once I left Vancouver, so I've spent a few nights awake, watching the Big Brother live feed on Channel 4 and old movies, including Mr Skeffington which I've finally got on DVD. Big Brother is as dreadful as ever this year. The introduction of three new "secret" housemates on Friday was classic bad tv. Kinga (the Minga's) first words on entering the house were something like "oh my minge" and within minutes she was threatening to stuff a cucumber up there. There is an issue about whether someone sprinkled bits of their scab into someone else's food, but I'm getting too tired of it all to care. I can't bear the sight of most of the housemates by this point. I have Big Brother Fatigue.

Fortunately, Mr Skeffington is a much better way of passing the time. This is one of those long long Bette Davis films that has witty dialogue and is a sophisticated anti-love story: Bette basically marries some oldish guy she doesn't love, because her no-good brother's being stealing money from him. It takes a World War, diptheria and blindness to sort it all out. The soundtrack is great too, with the music punctuating every Bette eye-bulge, witticism or word pronounced in italics. They just don't make films like this any more. And it's such a shame.

Finally, it is a dirty shame, but I have become slightly addicted to the new numbers puzzle that's apparently sweeping the world: Sudoko. This means I am now officially middle-aged. I started doing newspaper puzzles recently (they're supposed to stave off Alzeihmers Disease apparently). And now I enjoy them! I know. Just bring my a pipe, slippers and a "tot" of whiskey.

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