Friday, June 17, 2005

I am in Vancouver and pleased because despite the 8 hour time difference, I have no jetlag (normally even a 1 hour time zone change knocks me out). I've never been to Canada before, which is nothing in itself to be embarrased about, but I am quite well-travelled and go to the States about twice a year, so I feel ashamed that I never looked further north, especially as it is really nice here. I have been up in the moutains (hiking), down on the nude beach (I'm afraid that unlike my friend, I kept my tightie whities on) and done the usual shop/museum/restaurant tourist things.

Saw the latest John Waters film A Dirty Shame last night - a bit disappointing, despite the presence of Chris Isaak who I've had a slight crush on forever. So many John Waters films basically boil down to the same idea of two groups of freakish people with extreme oppositional views locked in ideological war, with the eventual triumph of those he approves of most. While there's nothing wrong with this, I don't think he's topped Hairspray yet, although all of his films are amusing to watch, and generally you learn some new words for sex.

I don't think the UK got the Pamela Anderson detective series VIP, although a Canadian channel here is showing a lot of it, and it's one of those shows that's so bad it's gone to good and then all the way back to bad again. At first I thought it was the pilot show Fox Force Five which Uma Thurman talks about in Pulp Fiction.

Tom Cruise announces engagement to an actress who's name I can't yet remember. I'm sure it's simply a co-incidence that she's starring in just-released Batman, while he's got War of the Worlds opening as well. His couch-jumping declaration of love performance on a talk show was over-egging the pudding somewhat. I'm not sure who advises him but they could take a few tips in subtlety. A rather more cynical observer might note that it all looks a little too obviously-scheduled and the romantic linkings to an up-and-coming actress (at least the third one now) rather smack of a transparent publicity machine trying to mask some sort of secret. Tom Cruise is a heterosexual incidentally.

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Shampaynes Plaice said...

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, adieu.

I here that your moving to Bristol WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND.

Were you ever gonna tell me that you like cock as much as I do?


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