Monday, May 09, 2005

Meet Shampayne

"hi my name is Shampayne and im 17 and live in Milton kenes.My mom named me after the drink but she spellt it different because she wanted ME to be diffrent."

It seems like Shampayne's mom got her wish. If Jamie4U ever needs a new fag-hag, then Shampayne's his girl. She's already discovered her best friend is gay, and is trying everso hard to counter her own "homeofobia" ("I love the gays"). But it's not all Hollyoakes-watching marathons and nights out at the Pink Pony Bar. Shampayne is very political, urging her readers to vote Labia and gloating when her evil rival's Tory Dad loses his seat in parliament. I'm curious though about the many photographs at this site. Are they really the friends of the writer? Or are they random pics from the web?

1 comment:

Jon said...

Jamie better know steal her!

She is MY fag-hag!!