Saturday, May 21, 2005

Maybe it's because of Kylie but I am having a bit of an Australia phase of late - also prompted by suddenly getting the opportunity to emigrate there last week (which I ended up not doing - something else happened instead, although it does sound like a great place to live in many ways). I often get nice emails from Australians who have an excellent sense of humour. I had been looking forward to becoming a professional "whingeing pom" too. Oh well - I think a holiday is at least in the offing, and I shall possibly have to retire there. And I've been revisiting some of my favourite Australian pop culture in no particular order:

Prisoner Cell Block H - first broadcast in the UK in the late 1980s at around 11pm - it quickly turned into an addiction. I never understood why people laughed at it for bad acting or wobbly sets. It had a raw kind of drama and kitchness that was missing from a lot of British stuff at the time.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert - a very unique film (despite the fact that Hollywood tried to rip it off with an inferior remake called Goodbye Wong Foo). The Aborigine version of I Will Survive is fabulous.

Muriel's Wedding - one of those wonderful tales of the frumpy dowdy girl at school (ergo any gay man) who ends up leading a more exciting life than all the people who picked on her, and all to the tune of Abba.

Kath and Kim - from the bizarre sex-flute, James-Bond-like opening sequence (which features Kath bending over in a pair of cullottes and looking through her own legs) this sitcom pokes fun at bad taste in suburbia and introduced a whole new way of speaking into the Odana household. No way Joe-say!


Caress said...

Kath and Kim is fabulous, last week's episode had me in stitches with Sharon's pash rash and Kath dressed like Little Bo Beep and then to top it all, Kim bit the rottweiller. Oh and when Kath said that Kim was a Dutch sea wall - a dyke, was priceless

Nixon said...

I take it i'm being overly cynical in believing Kylie's cancer is just a P.R. move?

lola said...

Re Kylie - she makes an incredible appearance at the end of series 3 of Kath and Kim...incredible!

Re Cancer - she smokes really heavily, something I have not seen in the Daily Mail.

matty said...

so, having a region free DVD player -- I secured the Kath & Kim series as soon as it was released to DVD in Australia. And, because I kept reading/hearing about it -- I stayed on top of the show. But, I finally gave up after the last series was released on DVD.

...this was the one with Kyile in the flash-forward sequence.

Somehow, I just do not enjoy this show. Tho, I do enjoy those awkard moments when Kath and her man go to kiss with their mouths open like dying fish. Other than, I don't think it ever made me laugh.


Oh well.