Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I think I am getting too old for popular culture. I watched Nip/Tuck last night (I am a victim of all those adverts that show Julian Macmanhorny's hairy/chest and perfect/jawline) and found most of it sick/vile. It ended with a fucked/up mother/son incest/storyline (OK, I'll stop using the / key now because that got real old real fast didn't it).

And now Dr Tatiana's Guide to Sex on Channel 4 - is it a musical? is it porn? is it a science programme? Why can't postmodernism hurry up and die already? I'm so sick of all of this mixing and matching. The same goes for nostaglia - Bring Back Grange Hill? Why?

I am going to rename this blog "Now I'm Past It" or "It's All Downhill" or "No Longer A Sought-After Demographic".

Can you tell I have a birthday coming?

Anyway, here's a fun link via Tom at Plasticbag (who most of my regular readers - all 4 of you (actually 2 since I recently came out as a mad Blair-loving warmonger) - probably don't read because he's too clever). It's called and has pictures of old knitting patterns with funny captions etc. I was doing that sort of thing in 1997 but I believe you can never poke fun at knitting patterns enough.


Deano said...

Oh Miss Odana! What are you doing dipping your toe into the cesspool that is politics. It only pisses off the readership. Stay away from politics, religeon and Hollyoaks and stick to posting pictures of handsome men. I still love you.

Lubin said...

I'm sorry Deano (and others), but I'll write about what I want. And I'll delete any comments that present a political view that I find abhorrent (paticularly those which are anonymous). Really, why on Earth should I give you bandwidth to air your views.

Maybe you hadn't realised but this isn't a "forum for debate". It's my blog - my space. People don't have to come here and read stuff - I'm not forcing them and to be honest, I'd rather people didn't read my blog if they didn't agree with my political stance. Why should I provide them with free entertainment?

If you want to debate, go join a bulletin board. If you want to put forward your alternative point of view - do it at your own blog. You can be guaranteed that I won't be so unclassy to anonymously disagree with you at your blog (as people have done so here) or tell me what I can and can't write about (a sure sign that I actually *should* be writing about something). Quite a few of the blogs I regularly read are very anti-war. I know I won't change their views, so what's the point of starting a shouting match with them? It's very disrespectful and bad mannered - and that's what I've found most disappointing about this whole issue - not that people disagree with me (I'm used to that). But that they won't respect my position in the same way that I've respected theirs over the past year. God - when I think about how much anti-war stuff I've quietly read at various blogs of people I like. It hasn't stopped me liking them, even though I violently disagree.

I've had a couple of rather patronising comments along the lines of "how can someone who's supposed to be as educated as you be so blind etc" and "stick to writing about trash culture rather than politics". Both are rather predictable attacks and would perhaps work on an average blogger. But when I signed my seventh book contract earlier this year, I pretty much decided that people's opinions of me no longer mattered.

As for the "stick to writing about trash" comments - unfortunately I'm a contrary bugger, I rarely do what I'm told. So it's up to you. Stick with reading my blog, skip the political bits and read the other stuff if you like or just go away and stay away. I really don't mind. I'm not writing this to win a popularity contest, friends or a "bloggie" award. I have all the kudos and friends I need, thanks.