Friday, May 06, 2005

The bun-fight's over

Hurrah that Tony Blair won and that the majority of the country didn't show itself to be selfish (conservative) or foolishly idealistic (liberal). I can't say enough how thrilled I am with this result - I'll be partying tonight and for most of the weekend. The Liberals got 62 seats (out of almost 650) - I guess congratulations are in order - inasmuch the same way as I would applaud a mentally retarded child for mangaging to dress itself. Although I wouldn't advise them to prepare for government for a few centuries though. Poor old Liberals, bless them - last place as usual and another 4-5 years of Labour to face down. Still, it'll give them what they love doing most - moaning on in the background ineffectively. I just hope they don't get even more haggard with all that worry than so many of them currently look. Being miserable constantly mustn't do much for their looks.

In my own (very marginal) constituency, as I predicted, the conservatives got in - although they only got 0.6% more of the vote than last time, Labour lost 8.3% of their vote - guess where it went? An extra 5.9% to the Liberals and 1.4% to the Greens. Those idiots really got the MP that they deserve. I hope they're celebrating - Ben Wallace (the Tory candidate who got in) should really send a bunch of flowers to Charles Kennedy - who has proved to be a much better campaigner for him than anyone else. Interestingly, across the river in Morecambe, Labour held their majority. The main difference being that Morecambe has a higher concentration of working-class voters and much fewer students and "intellectuals" who are attached to the university in Lancaster and Wyre.

My favourite part of the night was the screaming match on the BBC News between Ian Hislop, Shirley Williams and Boris Johnson which was presided over (and encouraged) by Paxman. Afterwards he called it a bun-fight. Indeed.