Monday, April 04, 2005

Who's my favourite Pussycat?

In celebration of the DVD releases of 6 of Russ Meyer's films, I present my analysis of the characters in Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! It's the favourite film of John Waters, Jonathan Ross and me.

Evil ratingSatanic: 10Facistic: 8Hedonistic: 5
Power statusThe Queen of the Gang, what Varla wants, Varla gets: 10Varla's bitch, has to resort to useless sulking to get her own way: 5The 'lame', very much on probation and the subject of ridicule from the others: 2
Fashion choicesBlack right down to her bra: 4Groovy 60s Three tone top: 6White gogo boots and frilly sleeves; 8
Size of breastsHUUUUGE: 10Extra large: 7She had to have her bra stuffed: 2
What's your motivation?Violence, power and money: 6Varla, Varla and Varla: 4Booze, man muscles and cock: 10
Go-go dancing skillsActually quite scary: 6
Rather tired: 4Watusi-tastic: 8
Best lineI never TRY anything. I just DO IT. Wanna try me? 7We don't like-a nothing soft. Everything we touch is HARD! 8See you girls in church! 5

Actually, Billie is my favourite character, so I think I must have added up wrong somewhere!

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Laura said...

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