Friday, April 29, 2005

An uncharacteristically political plea.

I have a lot of friends who are much nicer than me. When Tony Blair went to war on Iraq, they got very concerned about the legality of it all, and went on marches holding banners saying "Not in my name!" and "Bush's lapdog" because they felt it was the right thing to do. Bless them.

Me - I'm MUCH more hard-headed and realistic. I was GLAD that Blair went to war - and I didn't give two hoots that he might have lied about it. All politicians lie. That's how it is. For me it's about good lies and bad lies. The only things Mr Blair did wrong was not telling a good enough lie and then getting caught out. Saddam was an evil shit and I'd have gone a lot further than lying to get rid of him. But as I said, my friends are nicer than me and I never said any of this to them because they have proper principles and ideals and don't believe that the means justifies the end.

But now we have an election and some of my friends still haven't decided whether they should vote Labour or whether it would be too awful to do so, and perhaps they want to "send a message" or "give Blair a bloody nose" instead, to show just how upset and betrayed they feel.

Well kids - the "send a message" policy happened in Australia a few years ago - and now they have a right-wing government. And something similar happened in America with Ralph Nader - a few idealists voted Green and now they have a right-wing government. So, please, unless the Conservatives aren't even standing in your area - leave your lovely ideals at home on polling day. And just vote Labour.

Cos if The Conservatives get in, you'll be complaining about how nasty they are within months. And you so don't want to give a hard-headed realist like me the pleasure of saying "Told you so, bitch!"