Saturday, April 02, 2005

So the Pope is dead. Apologies in advance to devout Catholics - but I think it is rather cruel for this old man's death to have been played out in the public eye like this. Can't the Catholic church realise how tasteless it is and retire their Popes at a decent point, allowing them to spend the last months of their life in a more dignified manner. I'm sorry but those shots of him being wheeled to the window and unable to speak were rather disgusting.

Also, he was rather homophobic wasn't he. And I've met too many gay Catholics who are fucked up and closeted to really have that much pity. My (non-denominational) "prayers" aren't with the Pope tonight, but with all the people who suffer because of the intolerance of the world's rather primitive and unnecessary religions. *Snaps fingers*

Hard words I know. But let's face facts.