Saturday, April 02, 2005

On a rather nicer note than my embittered little Pope-attack below, I have just discovered the Itunes music store and it is AMAZING. All these terrible songs that I've looked for, for ages (and quite wisely can't be purchased in normal shops) are now at my finger-tips and for just 79p I can own them all. I've just purchased the sublime/kitsch "Angie Baby" by Helen Reddy, which must be up there along with "Ode To Billy Joe" and "Fancy" as one of the weirdest/best songs ever written. It's one of those songs with a story that I love. It's about this weird, almost special needs girl, who has to be taken out of school, living "in a world of make believe", listening to her radio in her bedroom. Anyway, this neighbour boy breaks into her bedroom and gets sucked into her radio "never to be found". It has probably my favourite line of a pop song ever "It's so nice to be insane: no-one asks you to explain." It's one of those "what the fuck?" songs where you never forget where you were the first time you heard it.

Now if only I can find "One Way Ticket to the Blues" and "From New York to LA" I'll be happy.


William John said...

Heya Rubin. I don't know how you feel about file-sharing software, but I looked up all the songs that you wanted and was able to find them on Limewire, which you can download from

God, I knew a girl called Angie... she liked the Rolling Stones song, but I think a song which points out that "she is a little bit touched in the head" is waaaay more apt.

I know what you're saying about the Pope. It was a little bit like 'weekend at Bernies' there at the end. Christ, give the guy a break. Bar the fact that it is going to be a near impossible task to find a Pontiff which will not be homophobic, JP did an amiable job, methinks. But then, I'm thinking about a lot of the other stuff.

William John.

William John said...

I do remember reading something a long time ago that read that the Italian media had permanently rented high rise apartment units across from that of the Pope's. They'd set up a camera to point directly into the Pope's apartment, hoping to capture the death of a Pope for the first time on camera. It had been set up for years, and I do wonder if they got what they wanted...

William John.

Tom said...

Let's not forget the near-genocidal insanity of insisting on the evils of condoms while Africans were wiped out by HIV / AIDS.

mike said...

"Angie Baby" is one of my major re-discoveries of the past few months; subversive MOR at its finest. You can also find it on a superb compiulation CD called "Guilty Pleasures", which I suspect (from what little I know) might be very, very You.

I can e-mail you "From New York To LA" if you like...?

William John said...

I noticed you changed the profile picture, Lubin. I do hope the other is still available to us. :)

William John.