Sunday, April 24, 2005

MUltIple pErSoNAliTy BlOg dIsoRdEr

I am starting to hate my 18-year old alter-ego Jamie4U. That vaccous bitch made the Guardian's "must list" last week after I'd only written his blog for a few months - while on here I've been slogging it out as Lubin Odana (critical commentator and psuedo-intellectual) for years in obscurity....

I guess I'll have to accept that I'm more interesting to the world when wearing skin-tight jeans and with only 25% of my IQ intact.

Worse still - I've had a number of emails suspecting that Jamie4U is actually the "real" person and Lubin Odana is the parody/alter-ego. Apparently Jamie4U is more believable! Jamie my lad - you are going to SUFFER when I write you up tonight.


William John said...

You are both certainly a must... I wouldn't go to one without going to the other.

Now, here's a riddle... which would I go to first? The Guardian must list site, or this one...? lol. ;)

William John.

gdayscott said...

I'm loving jamie4u but it has meant that i've ended up here so that must be a good thing.

does make you wonder what the state of the world is when real life gets overlooked for extreme stories. makes you wonder how heavily edited big brother really is. well makes me wonder. but then im a sad twat!


matty said...

Wow -- how do you manage both blogs!?!?!? I can barely keep up with my one! LOL!

As always, you rock!