Saturday, April 16, 2005

3 links

1. Via comatose

Who Should You Vote For?

Your actual outcome:

Labour 24
Conservative -37
Liberal Democrat 38
UK Independence Party -17
Green 5

Although actually, I'm going to vote Labour. Sorry Charles.

2. I used to run a soap opera with dolls called Doll Soup. It was as silly as it sounds, with plenty of stalking, murder plots, gender confusion, social climbing and obsessions about Faberge Eggs. However, Poseable Thumbs takes the idea of dolls a little further and shows them in a variety of compromising positions. Naughty dolls!

Poseable Thumbs

3. I am currently addicted to iSketch a kind of online game of Pictionary. You'll find me in the OUT room under the username Lubin. Be warned - I draw a mean crocodile!


Nixon said...

I too love iSketch! I'll keep an eye out for you.

And oh dear oh dear oh dear: I got +17 for Greens and +33 for the UK Independence Party. The SHAME!

Lubin said...

Nixon!! Come back to Blog-land. I'm missing you.

PJ said...

I've yet to find anyone who didn't come out as mostly LibDem. It's a shame that 'Common Sense Charlie' won't reap the benefits, as we're all obsessed with 'tactical voting' and 'wasted votes'. bah humbug.

Ian said...

is that a crocodile? I thought it was a clown trapped in a cornish pastie

Lubin said...

Oops - that wasn't my picture in the screenshot! Just an illustration of what iSketch looks like.

Ian said...

awww, it's not as funny now I know that's not your mean crocodile