Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The 1981 tv series "The Day of The Triffids" is out now on DVD. Get it! This terrified me when I was nine years old. The opening and closing credits are particularly weird and chilling. And having watched the first two episodes (there are six in total), it's still good in a kind of plodding, intense way. If it were made now, it would be a 90 minute special, with all sorts of clever MTV-esque camera editing trickery and characters making ironic little asides every 2 minutes and Britney Spears. I sometimes really resent postmodernism, it's so omnipresent these days.

Here are some tunes I've paid 79p each for on Itunes:
Spooky (The Classics IV)
The One I LOVE (REM)
A Fifth of Beethoven (weird disco/classical mess from Saturday Night Fever)
Are you Gonna Be My Girl (by Jet, probably the most 'good taste' thing I'll ever do).
The Letter (Lou Rauls - totally understated Jazz singer - his version of California Dreamin' is amazing and much better than the Mamas and Papas version)

I've also been inspired to order a Bobbie Gentry album (I bought it off Amazon as it was cheaper than downloading it from Itunes. That admission suddenly makes me feel like a harried 45 year old working class mother who shops at Poundstretcher and uses 'money off' vouchers). Still, I was inspired to buy it because of a song on the album (The Girl from Cincinatti) where Bobbie apparently discovers that her boyfriend "turned out to be a (she literally screams the next word) QUEEEEEEN! He could not see my body or appreciate my good looks...". As Itunes only lets you hear 30 seconds of each song I'm not sure how all this is going to play out, but I'll keep you informed. I've always been impressed by the way that Bobbie manages to turn all her songs into little stories (usually about the travails of poor people from the Deep South), so it's nice to know that she appears to be tackling homosexuality in such a "charming" way. And we all thought Ode to Billy Joe was her "gay song".

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Deano said...

The day Of The Triffids scared the shit out me, and I was 4! My older siblings, being the evil 1980's type of kids, seemed to realy enjoy seeing me with terror in my eyes. The actively encouraged me to watch anything that would traumatise me. Providing they could watch me being traumatised.
On a lighter note, I could have emailed you The One I Love. But I suspect you've got ethical issues about stealing music. Still, its a damn good tune.