Sunday, March 13, 2005

Three gay characters on The Amazing Race this time round.

Lynn and Alex (can their names be any more ambiguous sounding?) are your typical queenly couple - they both sound like Big Bird from Sesame Street, they know their show tunes and in last week's episode they threw (a completely justified) hissy fit on some market stall holders in Santiago who were working dodgy scales (it all involved a high octane task where they had to cut so many kgs of fish). "Bitches!" Given to drama and exaggeration "The whole country hates us!", they are kind of annoying, but at the same time I get a bit panicky when I think they're going to come last and be eliminated. They have also made a semi-alliance with "hot" brothers, Brian and Greg (who look like they should be in gay porn). Unfortunately, B+G only have eyes for women with big boobs and blonde hair. Isn't it always the way...

The third gay character also sounds a bit like Big Bird - he's a rather sweet 26 year old, who's taken his sassy mom along for the ride (I bet PFlAGG didn't know what hit it when she joined up).

PS over at Too Much Free Time they've started a section on the host of The Amazing Race's "fashion sense" called Phil's Phashion Corner. Typical comment: "is he classic pear or what? That sweater was cut completely wrong for him... and it stopped at the worst possible place on his hips--it made him look ten times more bottom-heavy than he probably is." Who says the gays aren't bitchy?

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