Monday, March 07, 2005

Sometimes it's hard to be a vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian for 14 years. For moral reasons. Although I'm not preachy/judgey about it. I'm not as strict as I could be (I eat cheese which is made with animal rennet, and I wear leather shoes). But mostly I don't consume meat or fish. Most of the time it's OK (except when travelling in certain parts of the world) or encountering older people (who sometimes have trouble with the concept - they seem to think that because I don't eat meat I need to eat MORE food per se, so they'll just pile on the bread and potatoes - not a good idea - it's far too easy for vegetarians to overdoese on starchy carbohydrates in any case).

I go to the gym a couple of times a week, and always push myself. Afterwards, I am usually famished and lately I've had cravings for meat - I know it'd be a quick fix of easy protein, and I sometimes think that the reason I don't have huge muscles is partly due to not getting enough protein in my diet. I take protein shakes, but they probably only take me to the level of what the average meat eater normally gets, at best).

Most people who know me well say that I am quite vain. My fella keeps predicting I'll get plastic surgery when I'm older. I doubt I will - because I think the results often look fake and obvious (see the website awful plastic surgery). Not eating meat is one way in which my morals feel very much pitted against my vanity. The ONLY reason I would eat meat, is to make bigger gains in the gym - and that's so shallow that I'm not prepared to do it. And yet...

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