Sunday, March 27, 2005

Saturday Night got good again

Dr Who - surprisingly good (although someone at the Beeb screwed up and we got to hear bits of the previous programme (a dance extravaganza with Graham Norton) a couple of times). Christopher Ecclestone is a very New Millenium, New Labour Doctor - with his northern accent "Lots of planets have a north", his fascination with Heat magazine ("it'll never last, he's gay and she's an alien") and his minimalist dress sense (very drug dealer meets The Matrix). I liked Rose (Billie Piper) too - certainly not a wilting victim, but not cut in that rather forced riot grrl, let's make a statement mode (remember Sophie Aldred as Ace). I also liked that Rose is an "ordinary" person (With no A levels and a chav compo-seeking mother).The script made lots of references to the mundanity of everyday human life (all we do is eat chips, watch tv etc.) and it is nice that the programme challenges this. And finally, hurrah that the Doctor actually IS a Doctor. It's nice that an intellectual gets to be a hero again after a decade of pop stars and "celebrities" to inspire the young. Meanwhile, over on ITV, Ant and Dec had David Beckham up against the Doctor - Mr Beckham always comes across as a nice person, and he's very pretty - but I'd rather have my kids playing Dr Who than wanting to play for England. Russell T Davies' script worked well - plenty of humour, a couple of those "big speeches" that he likes so much and a great ending. Rose is offered the chance to go with the Doctor. She refuses, saying she needs to stay with her rather hapless boyfriend. The TARDIS vanishes, but then comes back. The Doc pokes his head out and says "By the way, it also travels in time." This makes up Rose's mind. "Thanks" she tells her boyfriend? "For what?" he asks. "Exactly," she replies, before running into the TARDIS - leaving ordinariness behind. I was cheering. The previews for next week look good too.

Also - that Dance programme with Graham Norton - full of gay men. Hurrah.

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Anonymous said...

Your review was spot on. For once, the hype for Doctor Who lived up to the promise.

Plus, how camp was that Graham Norton show? It reminded me of late seventies entertainment. The female contestants weren't half as camp as the males.

Plus, did anyone notice just how many of the boys kissed each other, as well as the girls. A triumph of trash telly.