Friday, March 11, 2005

Psychic 1, Septics 0

The wonderful Shirley Ghostman takes on the skeptics - this is a completely hilarious account of one septic skeptic (who was so unskeptical that she thought he was real) who met him.

More Shirleyisms:

  • I feel your pain, I feel your shame. But you're NOT TO BLAME!

  • Love and light!

  • I am Lady Di. Amazing, tremendous magnifcant Lady Di what died... I've been desperate to come through, to thank you all for the lovely fumeral (sic) what you done on me. Although I must say the journey to Westminster Abbey was a little bit slow. I felt like telling the coachman to put a move on but then I realised that's how I got into this bloody mess to begin with. When Charlie bent over the coffin to pay his last respects I could smell the ripe stench of Camilla's under-carriage on his breath... He must feel like he's in a bloomin' Godfather movie, waking up every morning with a horse's head on the pillow next to him, Mwah-ha!

  • And remember, if you don't believe you'll die a long, lonely and painful death.

  • My house band! I've got Diana, Jimmy, Hitler and Ghandi on drums! Let's rock and roll.