Saturday, March 12, 2005

My five favourite bits of Reality Bites (1994 well-meaning Zeitgeist-fest) starring Elvish Winona Ryder (who I'd go straight for).

1. Winona Ryder gets addicted to the pyschic hotline and ends up giving relationship advice to the pyschics, running up a $400 phone bill to the disgust of her housemates.

2. The fabulous, acidic Janeane Garofalo angsting over her possible HIV status: "It's like I'm this character in Melrose Place and I'm there to teach the other characters that it's OK to have HIV/AIDS. And when I've done that, then I die. And then everyone turns up to my funeral wearing halter-tops." Winona's response: "Melrose Place is a really good show!"

3. Janeane and Steve Zahn roleplay coming out to his mother in the style of a bad after-school special "Is there a group I can join? Yes! It is called Pflagg!"

4. Winona's outrage when the MTV-esque tv show she's pitched her earnest little documentary to decide to do a bit of creative editing for their target audience who have an attention span of 2 seconds. It ends up looking exactly like any other MTV documentary you're seen - rubbish in other words. The best bit is all of her friend's faces stuck onto little slices of pizaa, spinning round and round and round.

5. John Manhoney (the Dad from Frasier) as a vile Daytime tv chatshow host - "Is't this a great morning!" Winona enacts a revenge, changing his cue cards so that he tells the audience he's into little girls. Reality Bites is a great show!