Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I heart Jamie4U

I sometimes enjoying writing Jamie4U's blog more than this one. Jamie4U is an unpleasant, no-internal-censor, body-fascist 18 year old who embodies everything that's wrong with gay culture. Despite being fictional, most of the events that happen to Jamie4U are based in reality, either having happened to my friends, myself or people I've met. Some of them I exaggerate slightly, some (sadly) are told verbatim as they happened - including the awful story about a group of evil drag queens spying and laughing from the window of a crumby flat at Jamie's hapless friend Keith, waiting in vain in a car park. I love writing Jamie4U because it places the reader in a position of being able to infer much more about his life than Jamie would ever be able to. For example, most readers should be able to figure out that Jamie has syphillis and that his karoake performance bombed, despite the fact that Jamie is so deluded that he's unable to work out these simple things himself. I also love writing about his bizarre friendships and break-ups. One of my favourite sequences was when Jamie had a big fight with Miss Thang after she set fire to his hair. He vows never to speak to her again at the end of a post. But right in the next post, they're going shopping together and the fight is never mentioned again. It all fits in with the sense that everything in Jamie's life is completely dramatic and exciting, yet at the same time nothing ever changes, his relationships will always hit the RESET button at the end of each post, like a bad 80s sitcom, and there will be no character development. I find Jamie4U much more fascinating than he would find me (at 32 and with the same waist size he'd dismiss me as a boring grand-dad). However, there are similarities between us - had my mother spent the family allowance on cigarettes rather than books for me, I probably would have ended up just like Jamie. In fact, probably the only difference between us is irony. Jamie4U has no sense of irony whatsoever. Whereas I have too much of it.


mike said...

Ah, and I even remember his old home page and "coming out diary". Happy days.

William John said...

Thank you for pointing out Jamie4U! Ahaha! It is such a good read... I don't get much time anymore to myself, but it seems when I do, I am reading blogs. Jamie4U will definitely go right next to yours. Well, not technically... because I *do* sort my favorites by name... and j and t are really far apart in the scheme of things. :)

William John.
PS. I wish there were more images of you on here. ;)

William John said...


I just read another of Jamie4U's posts!

:D :D :D

My gawd... poor guy. I'd be afraid to look down or feel around my essential areads if I were him. Then again, I love his free-spirited way. ;o)

William John.

Loumax said...

Congratulations ! I came accross Jamie4U earlier today and thought it was absolutely hilarious (or something).