Monday, March 28, 2005

Holiday pics - North Wales

Me on Llandudno pier

Me, my sister, her partner and my nephew at Conway

View from Conway Castle


William John said...

Am glad you posted some holiday photos. I live in the 'burbs and the clean, scenic background of Wales looks fantastic. I could stand there and stare forever breathing it all in. Looks like you enjoyed your trip.

Don't get me wrong, though... the forefront of the photos looks good too! I like your dress sense. :)

William John.

William John said...

Is it wrong of me to connect pictures of people I barely know with celebrities?

I can see Matt Damon in there, Gillian Anderson, Edward Norton... but your nephew is killing me. He sure looks like someone I've seen on TV at some point in my life.


William John.

Scott said...

You really should post more photos of yourself. You're adorable!

david said...

these are not water polo pictures. please amend.

i loved the ladybird books too. i was drawn to the ladybird book of medicine for some strange reason. i was a bit obsessed with medieval trepanning (a procedure still practised in blackpool hospital).