Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Amazing Race is so popular in America that no sooner does one series end then another starts a week later. It will soon be the case that the network won't be able to wait until the end of one season before beginning another, and we'll have several series being shown concurrently.

Season 7, which began this week has (Boston) Rob and Amber the Macbeths of reality tv - possibly the luckiest contestants on a gameshow ever. Not only did they win a million dollars on Survivor All-Stars with their evil alliance, but they got another bash at a million on The Amazing Race. Even though they started off in last place, it looks like the devil looks after his own, because by the end of the first episode they were contenders for first. How? How? How?

Meanwhile, on Coronation Street, trashlette Katy is having a bad week. First she aborts her child, mistakenly thinking her partner is cheating on her. Then she stabs her (admittedly vile) father through the back. "And for my next trick I'll be setting fire to my grandparents..." Coronation Street is turning into a Greek Tragedy and nobody seems to care. I know it was all high-concept and everything, but I couldn't really get past the fact that she appears to have GREEN HAIR. Or maybe the colour settings on my tv are screwed.

I mentioned Shirley Ghostman a few postings ago, and having seen Ep 1, it is good (not as good as I hoped, but still good). If I had my way so-called mediums and psychics would be put in prison camps to protect the gullible. (Actually, I'd probably put the gullible in prison camps as well.) Shirley is a particularly vile medium - her "channelling" of Lady Di was brilliantly iconoclastical: "I walked in on the Queen in the bath sucking on her own tits..." And his rendition of new Roy Orbison song "Lovely lady" (almost identical to "Pretty Woman") was inspired. At first I couldn't work out if Shirley was supposed to be male or female, but it turns out he's male and of the "flamboyant" persuasion. I was disppointed - they should have kept us guessing.

Saw Kinsey today. Very restrained and sensible. I could sympathise with all the pleading for grants etc. Here's a picture of Peter Sarsgaard (a Kinsey 3) on the verge of seducing the great man himself...