Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where/Why have all the bloggers gone? First, Billy of Wet Dreaming (modus operendi: posting pictures of himself with nothing on and giving details of his sex life) has bowed out, and now HoneyTom (gay political issues and pictures of cute men) was also signed off.

I was always rather envious of Billy because he'd only have to post about two sentences of mundanosity and he'd then get 82 comments within 2 hours. However, now he's gone - it looks like there is a gap in the market. Perhaps I should change the name of my blog to "Man Addict", post up shots of myself shirtless and give too much information about my private life. However, as Dan points out here, there are concerns about blabbing too much about yourself on a blog. Reading the details of someone's shag the night before might be interesting on one level, but you do tend to wonder a) don't they have friends they can tell this stuff to? and b) don't they have friends/colleagues/family they'd not want to ever read this stuff?