Monday, February 14, 2005

A trip to Newcastle to visit my oldest friend (in terms of how long we've been friends - 25 years). I'd booked into a (rather rough) hotel nearby which was fairly grotty. Is it just me, or am I the only person in the world who gets woken up by a drunken "wrong number" phone call at 4am every single time I stay in a hotel? I'm going to start unplugging the phone. Also, the bed was one of those tired old beds that too many people had had sex on. As a result, you kind of sank into the ground when you tried to lie in it. The woman on reception was only a handful of notes away from being a drag queen. "Was it you...." she asked me pointedly. Long pause... "who went to see that opera singer last night?" I could see how I'd have been her best bet, but I had to say no.

I don't normally watch any tv shows that are about the police, hospitals, fire departments or schools (I can't relate to any of the characters usually). But my friend is addicted to something called CSI so we had to watch an episode of it, plus some other copycat show that was on right after it. I was shocked! Both programmes featured people examining other people's "panties" for semen stains. I had thought that nobody used the word panties outside of lesbian porn written by straight men. I was WRONG! And...and Margot Kidder played a woman who was having sex with her own son! There was a "comedy" storyline involving rats. And there was a rape in Central Park. I wonder what Chandler and co or The Sex and the City ladies, or my friend Dan at Ultrasparky would have made of this much bleaker New York?

My friend took me to Tynemouth on Sunday morning and we went to a market in a train station. It was full of great stuff - I got a Diana Dors autobiography from the 1970s (she talks about watching people having sex behind a two-way mirror). I also got a cheap DVD of Solyent Green which proabably has my favourite opening sequence of a film of all time.

I am toying with making a new doll soup. This one won't feature dolls though. But it'll be about my two favourite subjects - social class and mental illness. Stay tuned.